About Us

When you possess the chronic, you possess the singular item every cat in the world wants more than life itself. Learn more about what makes our catnip so special.

About Our Catnip

Much like mankind’s favorite plant, not all catnip is the same.

There are many different strains that vary greatly in Nepetalactone content, and remember, when it comes to the other guys, organic does not necessarily mean potent. The virtual entirety of what is currently available on the retail catnip market is absolute crap. The depressing reality is that “status quo” catnip suppliers mass produce cheap and therefore weak strains of herb. They use funky pesticides and take whatever means necessary to swell their corporate catnip pockets. Their barely salable product is then factory machine packed into hard crinkly plastic bags and wholesaled to American retailers. That’s not cool! Then sure enough Joe Catnip goes walking into his local pet shop intending to do fluffy a favor, unwittingly buys a bag of bunk and ends up bringing his little buddy a bell ringer. If the average consumer is even lucky enough to find some half decent bud or leaf, it is still coming from midgrade catnip plants at best.

The time has come to put an end to the ruthless catnip consortium’s heartless agenda. The time has come for a new American catnip company, and that time is now, and that company is us. We don’t just sell catnip; we sell justice in a jar. We have sought out and partnered with excusive organic farmers dedicated to hand growing micro batches of the most biologically intense strains of Catnip ever discovered. The result of years of select farming and cultivation can be found here, and only here, in our Crippler Catnippler ™ custom chronic blend. Our Nepetalactone content is out of control – this nip will absolutely blow your cats friggin’ mind. No other catnip company anywhere in the world can sell you anything that even approaches our level of quality. Sure, others might have something to sell, but they do not have The Chronic, that’s a fact. Just give us a try and ask your cat. Your smallest family member will fall head over paws for the high end quality of our catnip’s premium organic buzz. It’s the BOMB!

I just received my package of Chronic Catnip and my cat immediately punched me in my face, snatched the whole box, jumped head first through our living room plate glass window, stole my car, and gave me a brutal lawn job as it peeled out – never to be seen again! Thanks Chronic!

New York, NY