How Catnip Works

The Powerful Narcotic Effect

Catnip (the aroma) has psychoactive properties which effects most cats. It stimulates their minds, causing them to play and move around, jumping, laying and rolling, licking it, even eating it! They have been known to emit unusual sounds, suddenly running around the room or through the house acting like they are out of their minds. Well??… In fact they kind of are! It’s a form of play and exercise. Perfect for those kitties in colder climates that can’t get their energy (kitten head) released or for those that are inside cats.

Catnip has long been verified as being very beneficial to the cat’s well being, not to mention the entertainment they provide for their hoomans in the process! You MUST (Bold) treat them to the Chronic to get the full effect! Don’t settle for nip that’s in the grocery store or big chain pet stores. It could have been sitting around on the shelf for a couple of years! Not to mention inferior from the start! Bad stuff man.

Make Sure Your Cat Enjoys Responsively!

  • Kittens up until 6 months of age generally do not react to catnip.  Their receptors may not be fully developed or activated.
  • We highly recommend being present when offering loose nip.  Too much nip can actually make your furr baby sick if they ingest too muchin one session.  Oversight is best practice.
  • It can take up to two hours for your cat to clear it’s sensory receptors and be able to react to the nip again. Place loose nip on a sheet of aluminum foil.  The crunch of the foil and the scent of the catnip is a good recipe for hilarious sessions!!!

‘Nip News

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