The strongest stuff to ever hit the street!

Why the Chronic?

Much like mankind’s favorite plant, not all catnip is the same. Here are just a few reasons to buy The Chronic Catnip blends for your special kitty.

Strongest, Dankest

we scientifically isolated the strongest seeds in the world, created the CHRONIC and voila, we have love in a jar for your furrbaby!

100% Organic

We have an all-natural organic product that’s good for the environment, and good for your cat.

Primo Packaging

We use only high-quality food-grade jars that lock in air-tight freshness for your catnip.

We Love Cats

If your cat was stuck in a tree, we would rescue it, pet it, and give it some Chronic.

Just think of all the hours of pure bliss your cat will enjoy.

Our Nepetalactone content is out of control – this nip will absolutely blow your cat’s friggin’ mind. 

‘Nip News

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Frequently asked
questions about catnip.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page to get all the answers you’ve ever wanted and more about catnip.

How long do the effects of Chronic Catnip Last?

It depends on the particular animal to some degree, but approximately 15 -25 minutes. Now, remember, this time frame reflects a chronic catnip high and inferior brands will produce shorter effects. Either way, your cat will eventually lose interest in the nip, having “maxed out” its high. After the nip trip is over and due to factors not fully understood by man, your cat will now be unaffected by additional amounts of catnip for approximately two hours. After that period of time has elapsed Mr. Whiskers will be ready to rock once again. However please bear in mind that while in theory, you could get little fluffy smashed every two hours, every day of the week, every day of its life, we do not recommend this option – (although your cat might). You should save the Chronic as a special treat for special occasions.

Is catnip safe to give to my cat?

Yes. Catnip is just a plant. When your cat smells this plant it becomes a happy cat. End of story. Our catnip happens to be all-natural and organic as well.

How long does catnip stay good for?

Nepetalactone (the active ingredient in catnip) is UV sensitive. This means your windowsill is not the best place to keep your jar of Chronic. Also, do not keep your catnip anywhere that is very hot – it is best kept somewhere cool – like a cabinet. With that being said, as long as you do not store your catnip in direct sunlight, or keep it in your oven – it will pretty much stay “good” forever. There have even been reports of catnip that is 50 years old having an effect on felines!